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Rent Renault Trafic 8+1 in Brașov

Brașov, located in the heart of Romania, is a mountain city full of history, culture and picturesque landscapes. If you are looking for a convenient and versatile way to explore this fascinating region, renting a Renault Trafic 8+1 in Brașov is the perfect option for you. With a capacity of 8+1 seats, this spacious and comfortable minivan will give you the freedom to travel with your family or a group of friends in a comfortable and safe way.

Renault Trafic 8+1 rental benefits in Brașov

One of the main advantages of renting a Renault Trafic 8+1 is the generous space it offers. With seats for 8 passengers, plus driver, and enough space for luggage, this minivan ensures the comfort and convenience you need during the entire trip. Whether you want to explore Brasov’s attractions or venture out on trips to nearby destinations, the Renault Trafic 8+1 will provide you with enough space for all the passengers and necessary equipment. This minibus is very useful for large groups who want to rent a car at Brașov Airport.

Discover the beauties of the mountain region with a rented Renault Trafic 8+1

Discovering the natural and cultural beauties of the mountain region around Brasov becomes a memorable experience when you choose to rent a Renault Trafic 8+1. With this spacious and versatile minivan, you’ll be able to explore the area’s most impressive attractions with ease and comfort. From the mysterious Bran Castle, to the picturesque town of Râșnov, and to the legendary Peleș Castle, the Renault Trafic 8+1 will allow you to visit all these fascinating places in a comfortable and efficient way.

Also, with a rented Renault Trafic 8+1, you can also explore the surroundings of Brașov, with destinations such as Poiana Brașov, Cheile Râșnoavei or Bat Cave from Vadu Crișului. Regardless of the destinations you choose, the minivan will give you the flexibility and freedom to create your own itinerary and fully enjoy every moment of your journey.

The process of renting a Renault Trafic 8+1 in Brașov

The process of renting a Renault Trafic 8+1 in Brașov through AutoHabit is simple, convenient and worry-free, giving you a pleasant and hassle-free experience to explore the scenic beauty of this mountainous region. The first step in this process is to access our online platform or contact our team of friendly and well-trained professionals. With a simple phone call or a few clicks on our website, you will be able to check the availability of the Renault Trafic 8+1 in the desired period and receive detailed information about rates and rental conditions.

Once you have chosen the right period and specifications for your Renault Trafic 8+1 rental, the next step is to complete the rental formalities. Our team will guide you step-by-step through the process, making sure everything goes quickly and efficiently. You will receive all the necessary details and documents for the rental, and if you have any questions or concerns, we are always at your disposal to provide assistance and answers to any concerns.

After completing the formalities, you can choose to pick up the Renault Trafic 8+1 from our headquarters in Brașov or opt for its delivery to the desired location, including Brașov airport. Whichever option you choose, you will be greeted with a Renault Trafic 8+1 that is well maintained and prepared to provide you with a pleasant and comfortable driving experience.

Throughout the entire rental process, AutoHabit emphasizes professionalism and attention to detail to ensure that every step of your trip to Brașov is a rewarding one. With the Renault Trafic 8+1 rented through AutoHabit, you will enjoy the freedom to freely explore all the fascinating attractions of this mountain town and its surroundings, giving you a memorable and carefree journey in one of the most beautiful corners of Romania.


In conclusion, renting a Renault Trafic 8+1 in Brașov gives you a complete and comfortable experience to explore this wonderful mountain region. With generous space, modern technology and safety features, this minivan will allow you to travel in a relaxed and safe way, enjoying every attraction and scenery in and around Brașov. Choose the reliability and versatility of a rented Renault Trafic 8+1 and turn your journey into a memorable and adventurous experience.


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