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Places to Visit in Brasov City Center

The Old Center of Brașov, with its narrow streets and imposing buildings, is a true refuge for lovers of history and architecture. The city is permeated by its medieval charm, offering a unique atmosphere and numerous unmissable tourist attractions. In this article, we will explore the most exciting places you can visit in the heart of Brașov. If you arrive in Brașov by plane, you can use our Brașov Airport car rental services.

1. Council Square


Piața Sfatului, also known as Piața Mare, is the vibrant heart of the city of Brașov and a must-see destination for any visitor. With a history spanning several centuries, this medieval square has been a central place for public gatherings, fairs and cultural events throughout time. The square is flanked by impressive historical buildings, such as the Casa Sfatului, an architectural gem in the Gothic style, which today houses the History Museum of Brașov. Casa Hirscher and Casa Ungureanu, other buildings with special architecture, attract your attention with their richly ornamented windows and imposing facades.

The lively atmosphere of Piața Sfatului is complemented by the many cafes and restaurants that await their customers with traditional and international dishes, while the generous terraces invite you to enjoy a relaxing drink and watch the city life pass you by. During the summer, the square becomes a cultural arena, hosting open-air theater performances, concerts and festivals, giving it an air of joy and merriment.

2. The Black Church


The imposing Black Church, or Saint Mary’s Church, is one of the most important religious buildings in Romania and a pearl of Gothic architecture in Central Europe. With a fascinating history dating back to the 14th century, this monumental cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is called “Black” because of the devastating fire in the 17th century, which closed the interior of the church in a dark shade.

The church’s impressive interior stands out for its elegance and the many valuable art objects and artifacts. From the beautiful carved Gothic altar and the choir with baroque furniture, to the impressive collection of tapestries and icons, every detail reveals a part of Brasov’s rich history and deep culture. With a massive organ of over 4000 pipes, the Black Church is also known for the organ music concerts held here that delight the ears of visitors.

3. Sforii Street


Strada Sforii is one of the nicest places in Brașov and an experience you won’t soon forget. With a width of only 111 centimeters at its narrowest point, this strange alley gives you the feeling of passing through the corridor of a medieval labyrinth. In the past, the street was used by firefighters to quickly intervene in the event of a fire, and today, it has become a favorite spot for tourists to take photos and enjoy its unique charm.

As you walk along Strada Sforii, you can admire the beautiful buildings with their colorful facades, some of them even dating back to the 17th century. The picturesque landscape and peaceful atmosphere take you back to another era, and the mix of traditional and modern architecture creates a fairytale-like setting. Regardless of the season, Strada Sforii delights you with a unique atmosphere and challenges you to delve into the mystery of the medieval city.

4. The White Tower


The White Tower is one of the most fascinating sights of Brașov and a treasure of its cultural heritage. Located east of Piața Sfatului, the tower was built in the 15th century and had a significant strategic importance within the defensive system of the city. Its main purpose was to protect the Catherine Gate, a key access point to the city, and to provide an observation point to detect any danger that might come from the mountains.

Today, the White Tower houses a museum where you can learn more about the defense system and medieval fortifications of Brașov. As you climb its stone steps, you’ll be able to imagine how medieval times come to life and how your journey through time takes you to a distant era. From the terrace of the tower, you will be rewarded with an impressive panoramic view of the city, along with the blue sky and the spectacular colors of the mountains that surround Brașov. The tower can be reached by walking up the stairs or by car on the road to Poiana Brașov. You can rent a Dacia Duster 4×4 at a decent price.

5. Saint Nicholas Church


St. Nicholas Church, located near Piața Unirii, is a quiet and spiritual place in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. Built in the 14th century, the church is an impressive example of traditional Orthodox architecture, with an imposing facade and gilded towers. As you enter the interior, you are greeted by a simple but beautiful decor with murals and valuable icons that tell biblical stories and important moments in Christian history.

As you walk through the quiet rooms of the church, you feel a sense of peace and deep reverence. The calm atmosphere and the hospitality of the people who shepherd this church will make you feel welcome and connected to the religious traditions of Romania. Saint Nicholas Church is a suitable place to retreat and enjoy a moment of peace in the midst of the bustling city, offering you a unique opportunity to experience the spirituality and Orthodox culture of Brașov.

6. Catherine Gate


Ecaterina Gate, one of the best-preserved bastions of medieval Brașov, represents a fascinating journey through time and the city’s tumultuous history. Built in the 15th century, the gate served as a secondary entrance to the city and played an essential role in its defensive system, allowing access control to and from the center of Brașov. The name of the gate comes from Catherine of Alexandria, the spiritual patroness of the city, who was revered and respected by the inhabitants of medieval Brașov.

Located at the eastern end of the Old Center, the Ecaterina Gate exudes a mysterious air and draws you in with its imposing walls and distinct architectural styles. Today, the gate houses a fascinating museum, where you can learn more about the history of fortifications and military techniques used in the medieval period. As you explore the museum and climb the gate steps, your imagination will travel back in time to a time of medieval sieges and adventures. From the upper platform of the Ecaterina Gate, you will enjoy an impressive panorama of the Center of Brașov, with its defensive walls and its remarkable architectural beauty.

The center of Brașov is a true treasure of history and culture, and the tourist attractions presented in this article reflect the beauty and richness of its heritage. From the vibrant atmosphere and rich history of Piața Sfatului, to the mystery of Străzia Sforii and the imposing spirituality of the Black Church, each tourist attraction reveals another fascinating side of Brașov. The White Tower and Ecaterina Gate invite you to explore the past of the fortifications and connect with the heroism of the city from medieval times. As you retrace your steps in these ancient streets and let yourself be carried away by their special atmosphere, you will create unforgettable memories and understand more deeply the charm and authenticity of this charming city.

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