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Day trips around Brașov

Brașov, located in the heart of Romania and surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery, offers amazing opportunities for day trips in nature. Whether you're looking for adventure in the mountains, exploring the old castle or relaxing in the picturesque scenery, there are many fascinating places around Brasov waiting to be discovered. To have a trouble-free trip, you can call AutoHabit for car rental services in Brasov. Here are some of the most popular day trip destinations.

1. Bran Castle and Râșnov Cave

A day trip around Brașov is not complete without a visit to the famous Bran Castle, also known as Dracula's Castle. Located about 30 kilometers from Brașov, this impressive castle is surrounded by legends and myths and offers a mysterious view of the region. A short distance from Bran Castle is the Râșnov Cave, a fascinating cave worth exploring. This excursion will take you on a fascinating journey through history and mythology.

2. Postăvarul Massif and Poiana Brașov

If you are passionate about mountains and adventure, a trip to the Postăvarul Massif and Poiana Brașov is an excellent choice. Here you will find numerous hiking trails and mountain bike paths, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the Southern Carpathians. Poiana Brașov is a popular winter tourist center, but also hosts activities such as hiking, cycling and climbing during the summer. The stunning scenery and fresh mountain air will surely captivate you.

3. Cetatea Rupea și Vulcanul Stins de la Racoș

Aproximativ la 40 de kilometri distanță de Brașov, se găsește Cetatea Rupea, o fortificație medievală plasată pe o înălțime, furnizând o panoramă superbă asupra împrejurimilor. Această impresionantă cetate reprezintă un loc perfect pentru cei cu pasiuni în istorie și arhitectură. De asemenea, în apropiere se întinde Vulcanul Stins de la Racoș, o zonă cu amprenta sărăturilor geotermale, peșteri și un peisaj deosebit. Această incursiune te va purta într-o călătorie captivantă prin istorie și conexiune cu natura. Renting a Dacia Duster 4×4. can make this trip more pleasant and comfortable.

4. Bâlea glacial lakes and Bâlea Waterfall

If you want to experience the wild beauty of the mountains, a trip to Bâlea Glacial Lakes and Bâlea Waterfall is a great choice. Located in the Făgăraş Mountains, these impressive lakes will charm you with their crystal clear waters and the impressive mountain view. You can reach the Bâlea lakes by cable car, and from there you can continue to explore the surroundings on foot. The Bâlea waterfall, located nearby, is an additional attraction worth visiting.

5. Peles Castle and Sinaia Resort

About an hour's drive from Brașov is Peleș Castle, an architectural jewel and one of the most impressive royal residences in Europe. This fairytale castle, built in the German Renaissance style, is surrounded by beautiful gardens and offers visitors a foray into 19th century luxury and refinement. After visiting the castle, you can continue the trip to the Sinaia resort, located in the Bucegi Mountains. Here you will find numerous hiking trails, but also the possibility to visit the Sinaia Monastery or to enjoy the beauty of the mountain landscapes.

6. Seven Stairs Canyon and Piatra Mare

For lovers of adventure and spectacular routes, a trip to the Seven Stairs Canyon and the Piatra Mare Massif is an excellent choice. The Seven Stairs Canyon is a unique natural attraction, consisting of a series of waterfalls and steps carved into the rock, which offer you a unique experience of exploration. Also, the Piatra Mare Massif offers numerous hiking trails and spectacular panoramas of the area. Here you can also find the Cabana Piatra Mare, where you can enjoy a traditional Romanian meal and enjoy local hospitality.


If you arrive in Brașov via the airport, you can take advantage of the Brașov Airport car rental services offered by AutoHabit to easily explore these attractions. They give you the freedom to move comfortably and freely explore the surrounding beauties. Regardless of your preferences, Brașov and its surroundings promise you adventures and memorable experiences. Don't forget to look for offers of car rentals at Brasov Airport to make your trip even more pleasant and convenient.

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